Peter Primožič | Designer | UX and UI | Branding | Design Systems | Creative Direction
Visual identity for Bonavista, a market-disrupting online shop for prescription glasses. Isometric text combined with stylized shapes of glasses is used as a visual system that enables diverse and recognizable branding applications.

© Gigodesign | 2017

User experience and user interface for Moj GEN-I, a user portal that enables simple energy invoicing, submitting meter readings and consumption monitoring for various energy sources, which GEN-I supplies to almost 300,000 customers.

© Gigodesign | 2017 – 2018

Designing product graphics is rarely a personal matter, but this time it was. The one-of-a-kind custom-shaped snowboard features wedding photos of my parents and close family members.


A trilogy of annual report covers for NLB Group, the largest banking group in Southeast Europe. Each cover uses dynamic patterns and typography to illustrate the year’s key message.

© Gigodesign | 2017 – 2019

The visual identity for FDF (Festival of Documentary Film held in Ljubljana) celebrates documentary films and their ability to reveal hidden truths.

© Studio Kruh | 2015 & 2016